My Research Guides

My Research Guides supplies an RSS feed of subject research guides relevant to a given faculty and program. Because the facxulty and program can be picked out of a full course code, when you know a course code you can look up all relevant subject research guides.

Base URL:

CODES is a comma-separated list of faculty/program codes, both using the official York short forms: the faculty code will two letters (for example AS, ED, ES, SB, LW, HH) and the program code will be something like PHIL or ENVS or PSYC.

Subject guides relevant to people studying psychology (which is in the Faculty of Health)

Subject guides relevant to people studying environmental studies (in the Faculty of Environmental Studies) and economics (in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies):

Use * to get all programs for a given faculty, for example sb/* for Schulich:

Subject guides relevant to all programs at Schulich:*